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Upgrade the storage capacity on your WD Sentinel small office storage server. This drive kit contains one WD RE4-GP EP500M drive.

Expansion Kit Contents

  • One WD RE4-GP EP500M drive (WD3009FYPX-09AAMB0)
  • Instructions flyer

    Compatible with WD Sentinel DX4000 6 TB (WDBLGT0060KBK-NESN) and 12 TB (WDBLGT0120KBK-NESN) and WD Sentinel RX4100 12 TB (WDBLVH0120KBK-NESN) drives.

  • Features
    As demand for storage continues to expand, the need for more efficient power solutions becomes paramount. WD T3 enterprise SATA hard drives make it possible for large-scale data centers to increase storage capacity without exceeding available power, and in many cases actually reducing power consumption. WD T3 drives help combat the four major challenges large data installations face—total drive slots, maximum capacity, power allotment, and financial constraints—while lowering the total cost of ownership.

    Reduced power consumption.
    The combination of WD’s IntelliSeek™, NoTouch™, and IntelliPower™ technologies brings optimized performance at industry-leading low power consumption; power is reduced as much as 40 percent.
    Helps enable eco-friendly servers.
    Each WD T3 drive consumes an average of 4-5 watts less than competitor drives making it possible for energy-conscious customers to build servers with higher capacities, ensured reliability, and promote energy conservation.
    Lower total cost of ownership.
    Large data-hungry financial institutions and web service providers can save up to $10 per drive per year in electricity costs (U.S). A large data center with 10,000 drives could realize up to $100,000 in savings per year.
    24x7 reliability.
    With 1.2 million hours MTBF, these drives have the highest available reliability rating on a high-capacity drive.
    A fine-tuned balance of spin speed, transfer rate, and caching algorithms designed to deliver both significant power savings and solid performance. Additionally, WD GreenPower™ drives consume less current during start up allowing more drives to spin up simultaneously resulting in faster system readiness.
    Calculates optimum seek speeds to lower unnecessary power consumption, noise, and vibration.
    NoTouch ramp load technology.
    The recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive protection in transit.
    Active Power Management.
    WD GreenPower drives monitor work load and automatically invoke idle mode whenever possible to further reduce unnecessary power consumption. Drive recovery time from idle mode is less than one second, providing seamless power management between the drive and the host controller.
    Secures the motor shaft at both ends to reduce system-induced vibration and stabilize platters for accurate tracking, during read and write operations.
    RAID-specific time-limited error recovery (TLER).
    Pioneered by WD, this feature prevents drive fallout caused by the extended hard drive error-recovery processes common to desktop drives.
    Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF™).
    Optimizes operation and performance when the drives are used in vibration-prone multi-drive systems such as rackmounted servers.

    Examples of the number of photos, songs, videos and any other files that can be stored on a hard drive are provided for illustrative purposes only. Your results will vary based on file size and format, settings, features, software and other factors.

    As used for storage capacity, one megabyte (MB) = one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes, and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. As used for buffer or cache, one megabyte (MB) = 1,048,576 bytes. As used for transfer rate or interface, megabyte per second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second, megabit per second (Mb/s) = one million bits per second, and gigabit per second (Gb/s) = one billion bits per second.

    Performance Specifications
    Transfer Rates
    Buffer To Host (Serial ATA)6 Gb/s (Max)
    Physical Specifications
    Formatted Capacity3,000,592 MB
    Capacity3 TB
    InterfaceSATA 6 Gb/s
    User Sectors Per Drive5,860,533,168
    Physical Dimensions
    Height1.028 Inches
    Depth5.787 Inches
    Width4.00 Inches
    Weight1.61 Pounds
    Height26.1 mm
    Depth147 mm
    Width101.6 mm
    Weight0.73 kg
    Environmental Specifications
    Operating Shock (Read)65G, 2 ms
    Non-operating Shock 300G, 2 ms
    Idle Mode24 dBA (average)
    Seek Mode 029 dBA (average)
    Seek Mode 325 dBA (average)
    Temperature (English)
    Operating 41° F to 131° F
    Non-operating-40° F to 158° F
    Temperature (Metric)
    Operating 5° C to 55° C
    Non-operating-40° C to 70° C
    Electrical Specifications
    Current Requirements
    12 VDC
    Read/Write 300 mA
    Power Dissipation
    Read/Write 6.60 Watts
    Idle 4.91 Watts
    Standby 0.81 Watts
    Sleep 0.81 Watts

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