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Model: WD4001FYYG
High capacity 3.5-inch enterprise SAS drives engineered for use in densely packed multi-drive storage systems.

Model: WD4000F9YZ
WD’s SE hard drive is an ideal solution for scale-out datacenters, delivering a cost-effective combination of performance, reliability, and workload capability, while maintaining the robustness of a true enterprise-class design. design. The SE is best suited for bulk cloud storage, replicated environments, content delivery networks (CDNs), Small, and Medium Business (SMB) network attached storage (NAS), backup and archiving.

All WD datacenter storage devices are designed from the ground up to deliver optimal performance and maximum data integrity while running 24x7x365 in demanding multi-slot environments.


WD Xe 900GB
Model: WD9001BKHG
The 2.5-inch WD Xe SAS drives offer the powerful combination of enterprise-class performance and reduced power consumption required for demanding high-performance computing and mission-critical environments.